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Re: Re: Windows front end

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  • Subject: [mg6306] Re: [mg6271] Re: [mg6247] Windows front end
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Mar 1997 00:26:29 -0500 (EST)
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At 09:49 6-03-97 -0500, Justin M. Steadham wrote:
>murray at (Murray Eisenberg) wrote:
>>Mitchell A. Kaplan (qmak at wrote:
>>: I'm running Mathematica on Windows95.  The cut & paste keys are
>>: different from the standard Windows shortcuts, and my fingers are
>>: pretty well already trained.  Is there any way to change these
>>: Mathematica shortcuts.
>>I'm using 3.0 under Windows 95 as I write this.  The standard Windows
>>Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V work there exactly as expected.
>>: Also, selections (for editing) don't seem to work like standard
>>: Windows.  For example, I can't press Shift-end and highlight the end
>>: of a line.  Anyone know how to fix this?
>>I'm not sure what "standard Windows" handling means here. Correct,
>>Shift-end does not select the end of a line in Mathematica 3.0, but I
>>don't recall it working in other Win 95 programs either.  Of course,
>>maybe I never tried!
>>  Murray Eisenberg                       Internet:  murray at
>>  Mathematics & Statistics Dept.            Voice:  413-545-2859 (W)
>>  University of Massachusetts                       413-549-1020 (H)
>>  Amherst, MA 01003                           Fax:  413-545-1801
>	I've been experiencing great pain in the changes in editing keys
>between version 2.x and 3.0 on win 95.  I think maybe Mitch was
>refering to these differences. Version 2.x used to have editing
>short-cuts similar to MicroSoft products like Word where Shift+End
>will select all text from the cursor to the end of the line.  I really
>miss this feature.
>	Justin

just [End] gets the cursor to the end of the line

some abberations:
making a selection with [Shift][Right Arrow] works nicely, but if you select
too much, and want to correct it with [Shift][Left Arrow], the the start
(!?) of the selected area moves, enlarging what was already too big.

There seems to be no way to switch from selection in the body of the text to
selection of the cell markers at the right (and/or vice versa).

[Control Home] and [Control End] move the screen to top-of-file and
bottom-of-file nicely, but your cursor is left where it is. 

Generally, the frequent switching from mouse operation to keyboard operation
is slowing down operations.

While i'm at it, mouse selection in formulas seems 'a bit' erratic : 
try selecting just the "a" in f[a] : the "[" gets selected too !!
big nasty misbehaviour, this!. Certainly so in combination with the keyboard
[Shift][Right Arrow] & [Shift][Left Arrow] problem !

...but all that is small fry,
 i still love the software.


Dr. Wouter L. J. MEEUSSEN
eu000949 at
w.meeussen.vdmcc at

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