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Bugs in MMA 3.0

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  • Subject: [mg7000] Bugs in MMA 3.0
  • From: koehler at (Kai Koehler)
  • Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 14:48:46 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: Universitaet Bonn
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at


some weeks ago, I experienced the following problems with MMA 3.0 on a
PowerMac 8100/80, which let me continue working with 2.2.2 since then:

1) \!\(m = 2; Plot[If[m > y\_1, y\_1\ , 0], {y\_1, 0, 10}]\)

produces lots of error messages, but

\!\(Plot[If[2 > y\_1, y\_1\ , 0], {y\_1, 0, 10}]\)


m=2;Plot[If[m>y,y ,0],{y,0,10}]

work fine.

2) Sum[Log[jj]*jj, {j, 1, 5}, {jj, 1, j + kk}]

works o.k., but

Sum[Sum[Log[jj]*jj, {jj, 1, j + kk}], {j, 1, 5}]

gives the entirely wrong result

5*Sum[Log[jj]*jj, {jj, 1, j + kk}]


Sum[Log[jj]*p[[j]], {j, 1, 5}, {jj, 1, j + kk}]

produces the error message

    "Part specification \!\(j\) is neither an integer nor a list of integers."

3)  When choosing "Find in Help" in the "Help" menu and choosing it
immediatly two times more, both the front end and the kernel freeze and
they quit a few seconds later with an error 1 message ("Das Programm
"Unbekannt" wurde unerwartet beendet, weil der Fehler 1 aufgetreten ist").
Sometimes the entire computer freezes during the display of this message
that hard that it can not be restarted by any key combination, and I have
to shut it down manually.

I should mention that I usually start Mathematica with all extensions off.
Whether the extensions are on or off appears to have no influence on this

Also, I experienced lots of different minor problems, which I do not wont
to list here except the following one, because it is quite amusing:

4) Select first "Getting Started/Demos" in the help browser, then
"Animations" in the "Graphics Gallery". When I select any of the
animations and triple-click the newly appearing graphic, it disappears
entirely. I was able to reproduce this effect with "Gear mechanism" by
loading directly the animations.nb note book from the CD.

All problems have been confirmed by a friend with a PowerMac 6100/60. I
sent a londer and detailed report to Wolfram four weeks ago, but I did not
receive any non-automatic response.

Comments? Similar or different experiences?

Kai Koehler

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