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  • Subject: [mg15065] help!!
  • From: "Peter Manaras" <divvy at>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 03:12:59 -0500
  • Organization: Hellas on Line - Pipex Intl
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I have collected a set of points which i now want to include in a
scatter diagram.  The result was ok I used ListPlot[data] to do this
However, some of the points were placed beneath the x-axis (these
points did not have a negative y-axis value) The points were loaded as
data={{1,18},{2,17.6},{3,14.5},{4,12.6},{5,12.5},{6,14}}; and the
command for  plotting the graph was
plotdata=ListPlot[data,PlotStyle->PointSize[0.01]]; what i did next was
try to fix the axes problem with AxesOrigin command which i set to 0,12
and what came out was the same graph but with no intersection of the
axes The axes seemed not be be interesecting at any point Instead, at
the point at which the axes should be intersecting there was blank
space What could be wrong? Furthermore I experienced some problems when
exporting the graph to another application in this case microsoft word
What i did was execute the copy as bitmap command and then i pasted the
graph in a document in word Everything was fine until i tried to resize
the object which had as a result the quality to change due to the fact
that it was a bitmap My question about that is can i set the graphs in
mathematica to be presented at a certain size so as to be consistent
with the size that they will be presented in word?  In other words is
there any relation between the size of the graphs in mathematica and
that of the pasted bitmap in word? How can i set a default size for the
graphs i create? Why when i execute the copy (not copy as) and then
paste the object in word the graph is presented at very small scale
Notice that when i resize the particular pasted object (that is when i
have only execute the copy command in mathematica) the quality is the
same as in the notebook i.e. great! Why though is the size so small?
What is the best solution in exporting a graph?
I then tried to label the axes of the graph and i realised that the
fonts in the graph were barely readable How can i change the size
and/or the fonts IN the graphs? How can i make my changes to be default
so as i wont need to change them everytime?
I then tried to statistically analyse the set of points What statistical
models (scalemethod) are available in mathematica? Where can i find
them listed in the online documentation? Can i use the bestfit command
for non-linear regression? Again what models are available in the
nonlinearfit command and in what wasy can i use it for the data shown
above? I appreciate your understanding on the fact that i have just
begun to explore mathematica Your help will be most valuable for me
Best regards
Peter Manaras

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