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Re: help!!

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  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 03:59:09 -0500
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Hi Peter,

> I have collected a set of points which i now want to include in a
> scatter diagram.  The result was ok I used ListPlot[data] to do this
> However, some of the points were placed beneath the x-axis (these
> points did not have a negative y-axis value) The points were loaded as
> data={{1,18},{2,17.6},{3,14.5},{4,12.6},{5,12.5},{6,14}}; and the
> command for  plotting the graph was
> plotdata=ListPlot[data,PlotStyle->PointSize[0.01]]; what i did next was
> try to fix the axes problem with AxesOrigin command which i set to 0,12
> and what came out was the same graph but with no intersection of the
> axes The axes seemed not be be interesecting at any point Instead, at
> the point at which the axes should be intersecting there was blank
> space What could be wrong?

Set the PlotRange-option. This will do what you want:


> Furthermore I experienced some problems when
> exporting the graph to another application in this case microsoft word
> What i did was execute the copy as bitmap

Why a bitmap ? Copy it as MetaFile or ExtendedMetaFile.

> command and then i pasted the
> graph in a document in word Everything was fine until i tried to resize
> the object which had as a result the quality to change due to the fact
> that it was a bitmap My question about that is can i set the graphs in
> mathematica to be presented at a certain size so as to be consistent
> with the size that they will be presented in word?  In other words is
> there any relation between the size of the graphs in mathematica and
> that of the pasted bitmap in word? How can i set a default size for the
> graphs i create?

The ImageSize option ?

> Why when i execute the copy (not copy as) and then
> paste the object in word the graph is presented at very small scale
> Notice that when i resize the particular pasted object (that is when i
> have only execute the copy command in mathematica) the quality is the
> same as in the notebook i.e. great! Why though is the size so small?

A bug in Word ?

> What is the best solution in exporting a graph?

Encapsulate PostScript.

> I then tried to label the axes of the graph and i realised that the
> fonts in the graph were barely readable How can i change the size
> and/or the fonts IN the graphs?

There are so many versions in Matheamtica 3.0, here is one with 12 pt
Times Bold Italic:


    AxesLabel->{"some x-values","some y-values"},

> How can i make my changes to be default
> so as i wont need to change them everytime?

Place :

       FontWeight->"Bold"}] & /@ {Plot, ListPlot, Graphics,

in your init.m file and be sure that it tis the right one.

> I then tried to statistically analyse the set of points What statistical
> models (scalemethod) are available in mathematica?

Look in the nice book "Mathematica 3.0 Standard Add-on Packages" that
comes with Your Mathematica copy.

> Where can i find
> them listed in the online documentation?

You will be surprised it is in

Main Menu | Help | Help ... | Add-ons | Standard Packages | Statistics

> Can i use the bestfit command
> for non-linear regression?

What is the "bestfit" command ? Fit[] can only used in linear models.

> Again what models are available in the
> nonlinearfit command and in what wasy can i use it for the data shown
> above?

Mathematica is a Computer Algebra so You can use any mathematical
combination of the special functions implemented in Mathematica.

> I appreciate your understanding on the fact that i have just
> begun to explore mathematica Your help will be most valuable for me

Hope that helps

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