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Linguistics Graphs

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  • Subject: [mg10756] Linguistics Graphs
  • From: Mark Evans <>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 00:44:52 -0500
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Tricky programming challenge:

How to write out a string of text using a proportional font, then
connect given letters by means of geometric lines.  The lines may cross
over one another, have different colors, or different dashings.


       This is a proportional font
       | |  |          ||        |
       | |  |          ||        |
       | ----------------        |
       |               |         |

The reason for this exercise has to do with certain problems in

In general, the font may include characters that, although their ASCII
codes appear in a particular string order, their position on screen may
appear above, below, or even on top of the previous or subsequent
letter.  For instance, the sequential ASCII code for the string
"ABCDEF" might end up being printed as


The layout properties are determined by the font, so I am not sure that
Mathematica's superscript/subscript system is useful here.

Mark Evans

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