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Re: Linguistics Graphs

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  • Subject: [mg10802] Re: Linguistics Graphs
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  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 00:58:46 -0500
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On 2 Feb 1998 02:01:48 -0500, Mark Evans <> wrote:

>Tricky programming challenge:
>How to write out a string of text using a proportional font, then
>connect given letters by means of geometric lines.  The lines may cross
>over one another, have different colors, or different dashings.
>       This is a proportional font
>       | |  |          ||        |
>       | |  |          ||        |
>       | ----------------        |
>       |               |         |
>       ---------------------------
>The reason for this exercise has to do with certain problems in

Maybe Mathematica, with all its new typesetting wonders, can still pull
this off; but I am having my doubts.

Other languages offer a simple expedient.  They provide a call such as
TextWidth(str) that returns the width in pixels of a string 'str' --
assuming a particular font, style, and font size.  I could use such a
call to parse my string, letter by letter, until I knew the position of

The call is nontrivial when you think about it in terms of kerning.  You
can't just add up all the letter widths, because they vary with the
particular string. I don't know whether Mathematica offers any such

If not, it should!  It seems to have everything else.....

Mark Evans
"evans" at "gte" dot "net"

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