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Wish list for next version

I have recently been using Mathematica on a notebook with Win95, and
have seen how awkward pointing devices are with notebooks.
Unfortunately, you cannot use Mathematica easily with only a keyboard
(some 'features' and some bugs). Thus, following is my wish list for
the next version of Mathematica. Does anyone know if these can be
implemented now in any manner?

My wish list
- Control-Home: when it moves my view to the top of the  document, I
    would like the cursor to go with it. The cursor remains where it
was. - similarly for Control-End, PageUp and PageDown - actions of the
Shift key: in Windows, holding down the  Shift, and then
    moving, causes selection. This only  works with Left and Right in
Mathematica. It
    will work with  Control-Left/Right only after fiddling with the file I would also like it to work with Down,
     Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Control- Home, Control-End. Also, in
     cell-select mode, holding the shift key should also select cells.
     after holding Shift-Down and moving beyond a cell, it should
     switch to cell-selection mode, and select a bunch of
- Help screen: 1) ability to move from the top half to the  bottom half
    the keyboard
     2) it always starts with Built-in Functions set. If I reset it to

      Index, I would like it to remain  there.
     3) Once youre in the bottom half, then pressing Alt-G  should
bring you
          back to the Go To box at the top.
     4) If I change the style of the help screen (e.g.  magnify), I
would like to
        make that change permanent
- Once youre in cell-select mode, Left/Right will take you  out of it.
But there
     should be a key to move you into  cell-select mode.

Vilis O. Nams
Dept of Biology, NSAC
Box 550, Truro, NS,  Canada
vnams @

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