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PlotLabel typesetting bug in Mathematica3 (NT4)?

I'm running Mathematica 3.0 under NT4.0 (sp3)

I'm having a frustrating time trying to correctly typeset plot labels

    PlotLabel->FontForm["Some Plot Title",{"Times-Bold",12}]]];

where 'grArray' is a 2D array of plots, each of which also contain
PlotLabel. 'Some Plot Title' both displays and prints garbled up (with
the characters seemingly overwriting each other). similar problems
occur in the labels in each of the 'grArray' plots: e.g., the label "L3
(reference)" in one plot displays as intented but prints out as 'L3
HreferenceL'.  What the hell's going on?

I understand that FontForm has been deprecated in favor of StyleForm,
but I've tried the latter, as well as several combinations of fonts and
font-sizes and even just PlotLabel->"Some Plot Title" but with the same
bad results.

Is this a known bug in 3.0 or am I missing some crucial setting?

Thanks for the info,

 |          Alan Calvitti          |
 | Systems and Control Engineering |
 | Case Western Reserve University |

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