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Mathematica help crashes X-windows on Linux

I'm using Mathematica 3.0 on Linux.  Currently I'm able to crash my 
X-windows server when I go to look up some information in help (I think
I was looking up some information on the N[] command).  I use MetroX
3.1.8, on a Matrox Millennium card, kernel 2.0.32, libc 5.4.33.  Has
anyone else  seen this bug?  Anyone have suggestions how I can get out
of crash without reseting my machine (the usual Cntl+Alt+F? doesn't
seem to work)?  I seem  to lose any contact with the machine through my
keyboard, the display  goes black.  I could probably kill the X server
if I could get to a shell, logging in remotely isn't really an option
(suppose I could get a dumb terminal for problems like this).  I'll
probably go ahead and open a case on this with Mathematica tech

Talking about the Libc, is there any development in Mathematica for
support of GNU libc 2, if there isn't, there should be.  For the folks
not quite aware of linux, the next stable releases will be using a new
C library (GNU libc 2), more information can be found at:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dale
Harris  <>   PGP KeyID: E26EC5FD       Chico State
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