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Re: Graphic BMP conversion to RAW numerical data wrote:
> I am trying to take a BMP image file and convert it into an array of
> numbers so that I can perform various image processing operation.  Can
> someone tell me if there exist a way to convert BMP image file so that
> it is read as a numerical array?
> Steve

I use the shareware program paintshop pro available from  As
far as I know, unless you know the encrypting scheme for .bmp files,
mathematica is not capable of reading those files as arrays without
help from a third party program.

Paintshop pro can read in over 30 kinds of bitmap files and a few vector
formats as well.  Among its output formats are RAW, PGM(portable grey
map) and PPM(portable pixel map).
Remove the _nospam_ in the return address to respond.

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