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Re: Packages for Feynman Diagrams

In article <68crrn$>, bob mcnees <> wrote:

> Is anyone aware of any non-commercial packages for evaluating Feynman
> Diagrams in Mathematica 3.0? Several of the older packages, like HEP or
> older versions of FeynCalc, don't appear to be compatible with
> Mathematica 3.0. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Robert McNees

The following Mathsource items might be of interest:

Mathsource item number 0202-194    
"Generating Feynman Graphs and Amplitudes with FeynArts"  By: Hagen
Eck,Sepp Kueblbeck

Mathsource item number 0202-251    
"Feynman Parameters and Gamma Matrix Traces"    By: Todd West

Mathsource item number 0202-385    
"FeynCalc 1.0: A Package for Feynman Diagram Calculation"  By: Rolf

As for HEP:

Mathsource item number 0202-273  
"HEP: A Package for  Symbolic High-Energy Physics Calculations" By:
Alexander Hsieh,Eran Yehudai

fixing this so that it is 3.0 compatible would be a service to  the
particle physics community, and could be a good  project  "for the
interested student."  Its second named author is not available to do
the job since he is quite busy working in another field (I don't know
the wereabouts fo the frst named author). A while ago I took a very
brief look at the code and had the following  comments which folks
could use to get started:

(*  ***********************************************************   *)

I have only taken the briefest look at the  HIP code some while  ago
when a friend was asking me about it.  I noticed two things which  I
wrote in my notes:

   -->Uses 3Literal2
   -->Uses the undefined (in 3.0 and previously 
   -->undocumented (in 2.2) function ValueList
   -->(Was ValueList a pre-2.0 function that was made obsolete in 2.0?)
   -->Also may have some other problems.

If you ask Mathematica 3.0 about "Literal"  it tells you:  "Literal has
been renamed HoldPattern"

So, by simply putting the code:


in the beginning of the package, this problem should be fixed (or just
editing the code to replace occurrences of Literal by HoldPattern.

In the case of "ValueList" I have no idea.  I assume that it is a pre
2.0 function that was made obsolete in subsequent versions.  Perhaps a
WRI person could inform us here (thanks!).   Thus if you could find a
version 1.1 Mathematica Manual, you could  probably find out what
"ValueList" is and guess at an appropriate  function to substitute in
its place.

Let me know if you are able to make HEP work after this (and other
needed)  changes are made.  Also, if you can get it up and running in
3.0 you chould post the resulting code to MathSource (after having
friends and others Beta test it)



David Reiss
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