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Re: Making multiple plots

L. Sartre wrote:
> I would like to show two plots on a same graphics output but separatly.
> For this, I do as follows:
> curve1 := Plot[Sin[t x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, PlotRange -> {-Pi,Pi}, {-1, 1}}];
>  curve2 := Plot[Cos[t x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, PlotRange -> {-Pi,Pi}, {-1,
> 1}}];
> curve:=Graphics[{Rectangle[Scaled[{0,0}],Scaled[{0.5,1}],courbe1],Rectangle[
> Scaled[{0.5,0}],Scaled[{1,1}],courbe2]}]; Show[Graphics[courbe]]
> Then I get three plots. I am interested in getting only the third one.
> Does anyone has any suggestion ?
> Thank you in advance.

In the graphics you don't want displayed, add an option 

In the graphics you do want displayed, such as the combined graphic, add
the option
Remove the _nospam_ in the return address to respond.

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