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Re: How to draw an ellipse?

In article <694b5p$>, (Krishnan
Jayakrishnan) wrote:

> Does any one know how to construct an ellipse? For example an ellipse
> centered at (0,0) with intercepts at (-a,0,(a,0),(0,-b),(0,b) with
> parametric equation
> x(t) = a*cos(t)
> y(t) = b*sin(t)
> with t increasin from 0 to 2pi radians. --
> Sincerely
> Krishnan Jayakrishnan
> Systems Administrator
> Allied Geophysical Labs
> University of Houston

Not quite sure what you mean by "construct;" but, if you want to plot 
(say for a=1 and b=1/3) you would use:

a = 1; 
b = 1/3; 
ParametricPlot[{a Cos[t], b Sin[t]},{t, 0, 2 Pi}, AspectRatio ->

David Reiss
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