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Re: ``flattening" systems of equations

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  • Subject: [mg10410] Re: ``flattening" systems of equations
  • From: Julian Stoev <>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 02:07:14 -0500
  • Organization: Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
  • References: <69co6a$>

On 12 Jan 1998, Selwyn Hollis wrote:

|What is the  simplest way to convert a system of equations like this:
|{{a,b,...}=={c,d,...}, e==f}
|into this:
|{a==c, b==d,..., e==f}?
|(Solve[] works on systems in either form, but FindRoot[] seems to
|require the second.)

Flatten@Map[Thread,{{a1,a2}=={b1,b2}, c1==d1}] Out[10]=
Flatten@Map[Thread,{{a1,a2,a3}=={b1,b2,b3}, c1==d1}] Out[11]=
Flatten@Map[Thread,{{a1,a2,a3}=={b1,b2,b3}, c1==d1,c2==d2}] Out[12]=
{a1==b1,a2==b2,a3==b3,c1==d1,c2==d2} In[13]:=
Flatten@Map[Thread,{{a1,a2,a3}=={b1,b2,b3}, {c1==d1,c2==d2}}] Out[13]=

Julian Stoev <>       - Ph. D. Student Intelligent
Information Processing Lab. - Seoul National University, Korea

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