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Viewpoint selector and completion crash Mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg10461] Viewpoint selector and completion crash Mathematica
  • From: (Dwarf)
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:34:46 -0500
  • Organization: University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Hello all!

I'm having a particularly frustrating problem with Mathematica 3.0 and I
hope someone here can help.

Whenever I try to change the viewpoint by bringing up the viewpoint
selector dialog box it works fine, but it never really returns control
to the front end properly.  When I go back to the FE and try to edit it
the screen and notebook don't match up properly.  For example, when I
begin to type it put my text in the middle of the Graphics cell I just
created.  Or the notebook window background will bleed out of the
notebook window and cover the Mathematica menu window.  Or the scroll
bars on the rhs of the window no longer display; they function if I
guess the right place to click but even then it won't scroll properly. 
For example, if I scroll up it'll move the bottom line up but not write
the correct new text in its place.  Also, new output cells do not
display properly, and opening and closing cells 

The problem also has occurred when I use <ctrl>k to complete a name, but
not when I switch to another app (if one is open) or open a help

Basically the only way I've found to work around the problem is to a. 
Close everything down and restart Mathematica b.  Practice Zen typing
to finish my thought and go to option a. Or:
c.  Live without the Viewpoint selector.

None of these suggestions are very satisfactory.

As far as hardware, I have a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 video card with 4MB
ram operating in 800x600 with 256 colors.

Any help is *greatly* appreciated!

Greg Anderson

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