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Re: Beginner: Latex file of the notebook

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  • Subject: [mg10448] Re: Beginner: Latex file of the notebook
  • From: (Christian Jost)
  • Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 04:34:37 -0500
  • Organization: Universite Paris-Sud XI
  • References: <69f3eg$>

In article <69f3eg$>, (FAN007)

> %% the path searched by LaTeX.  The style file is in the However, after
> a long time search of notebook.sty or the claimed path, I still can not
> find that file. Do you know which path this file located?
notebook.sty is in continuous developpement, so you should try to get the
most recent version from Wolframs homepage (sorry, I don't have the whole
URL, the site is Anyway, you will probably encounter a
number of compilation problems, so if you are not familiar with LaTeX
better do it with someone who is. 
I stopped using mathematica to write whole documents that should finally
be typeset in LaTeX, there is more handwork afterwords than if you write
it in LaTeX from scratch. However, use mathematica to create the tex
formulas of large equations, this reduces typing errors.

> Furthermore, I have a couple of problems with the Plot also as listed in
> the following: 1. How to plot the arrows for both x axe and y axe.
>    like ---------->x
> 2. I need the range of the y axes to be in [0, 2], however, the plot
>    only shows the upper part. It only plot the part from [1,2], since
>    the main part of the funcation has value in that region, thus the
>    plot shift the x-axes above by 1. I do not like this. But I have no
>    idea to fix this problem.

check out the option PlotRange, it allows you to define the range used
in the plot.

Hth, Christian.

Christian Jost, Universiti Paris-Sud XI, Orsay, France

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