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RE: Beginner: Latex file of the notebook

This will not help you with TeX, but with Plot:

for arrows, see Graphics`Arrow`

for Plot, use the option PlotRange, like in PlotRange->All, or more
likely in your case, PlotRange->{0,2}

Hope this helps,


Jean-Marie THOMAS
Conseil et Audit en Ingenierie de Calcul
+33 (0)3 88 32 93 64

-----Message d'origine-----
De:	FAN007 [] Date:	mardi 13 janvier 1998
Objet:	[mg10409] Beginner: Latex file of the notebook


I am trying to plot a function and saved the file as a tex file in latex
form. But unfortunately, when I latex the file, the notebook format is
not recognized. In the header of the tex file, it writes %% This
document uses special macros defined in the style file %% notebook.sty.
%% To run the document, you must put this style file in a %% directory
%% the path searched by LaTeX.  The style file is in the However, after
a long time search of notebook.sty or the claimed path, I still can not
find that file. Do you know which path this file located?

Furthermore, I have a couple of problems with the Plot also as listed in
the following: 1. How to plot the arrows for both x axe and y axe.
   like ---------->x
2. I need the range of the y axes to be in [0, 2], however, the plot
   only shows the upper part. It only plot the part from [1,2], since
   the main part of the funcation has value in that region, thus the
   plot shift the x-axes above by 1. I do not like this. But I have no
   idea to fix this problem.

Any input will be highly appreciated. Thanks very much.


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