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Complex -> List does not work


I naively tried the following way of turning a complex number into a
couple of real numbers:

         2 + 3 I /. Complex -> List

but it gives me back

                2 + 3 I

even though the full form of 2+3I is Complex[2,3]. The reverse however
is possible:

   {2,3}/.List->Complex  gives  2+3I

The help browser says that "you have to use Re and Im to extract parts
of Complex numbers".

Why this exception to the basic principles of replacement rules?

                 Gianluca Gorni


Gianluca Gorni
Universita` di Udine
Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica via delle Scienze 208
I-33100 Udine UD

Ph.:(39) (432) 558422    Fax:(39) (432) 558499

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