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Re: Shooting Problem (fwd)

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> Hello,
>        I have a system of two differential equations, k'[t] and c'[t]. 
> In the problem I am working with I know the initial condition for k,
> k[0]=a and I know a steady state or boundary condition k[sometime]=b. 
> The problem is to choose c[0] so that k[t] arrives (sometime) at point
> b (which is a steady state).  In puttering around with this problem
> I've been use NDSolve to generate paths beginning at k[0]=a and c[0]=x.
> Then  by trial and error I vary x until I have a path such that
> k[sometime] reaches b or very near b.  Obviously, I would like an
> interative procedure to do this automatically.  Has anyone written such
> a procedure already?  I beleive this method of solving this type of
> problem is called the shooting method.
> Thanks
> -- 
> Alex Tabarrok
> Department of Economics
> Ball State University
> Muncie, IN, 47306
> EMail: 00ATTabarrok@BSUVC.BSU.Edu
> Web Page: then hit Faculty and then Tabarrok


I've written a paper which is about the "shooting method" with
Mathematica. It is: "Shooting the Buckled Plate" Innovation in
Mathematics, Proceedings  of the Second  International MATHEMATICA
Symposium,Editors: V. Keranen, P.Mitic,A.Hietamaki,1997.P507-515.

Jay H. Wolkowisky
Dept. of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309

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