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Re: iterative function query

Eric Walters wrote:
> Can someone explain the best way to code:
> starting at x=1 and going to x=5;
> taxes[x_]:= 45 + 0.97(taxes[x+1])/; 
> so that the following is generated:
> 45 + 0.97(45+0.97(45+0.97(45+0.97(45))))
> Thanks,
> Eric Walters

If you haven't assigned a value for taxes[k] where k >= 1 then  if 
taxes[x_]:= 45 + 0.97(taxes[x+1]), then taxes[1] will go into an
infinite forward recursion.  However, if you have a definite value of
taxes[5] (it appears to be 45 from your question) then


will produce the desired value for taxes[1].

In your definition above you had 
	taxes[x_]:= 45 + 0.97(taxes[x+1])/; The "/;" at the end is a short form
for Condition and should have been followed by a condition.  If the
condition had been x<5  then this would be another way to avoid an
infinite recursion and if taxes[5] is undefined, the value of taxes[1]
would be 
	 45 + 0.97(45+0.97(45+0.97(45+0.97(taxes[5]))))

Ken Levasseur

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