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[Q] How to compute in the background?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to figuring out if it is possible to have the Math Kernel of
a Sun workstation run a little iterative program and save the results
to a file being at the same time able to close the terminal session.
I'll try to be more clear (please excuse my bad English and poor
computing knowledge): What I really like to do is:

- open a session of Mathematica (no matter if with the Front End or only
on the Kernel) on the Sun Ultra 1 workstation of my laboratory (the
Math version is 2.2);

- start to run the Mathematica code, that has a long iteration and that
in the end saves all the results on a file;

- logout from the workstation, while Mathematica keeps on computing my
code till the end of the iteration (so that everyone else can use the
workstation  and I can wait for the results to be writed in the results
file without keeping busy the terminal station);

Is it possible to do so?
This will really save me a lot of time.

Any suggestion or hint will really be appreciated.

 Alessandro Rossi

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