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Re: I Want More Digits in TraditionalForm

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  • Subject: [mg14397] Re: I Want More Digits in TraditionalForm
  • From: soiffer (Neil Soiffer)
  • Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 15:10:03 -0400
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In article <6vupoq$8hu at> MJE <nospam at> writes:
>Question.  How does one get TraditionalForm to print out all numerical
>values with many digits, instead of just 5 or 6?
>Here are some input cells you can try out to get the feeling of what I'm
>The reason to retain many digits is the interrelation between functions,
>i.e. c[p] and p[c] are functional inverses, etc.  Chopping digits
>arbitrarily destroys these relations.
>Thanks group,
>Mark Evans
>"evans" at "gte" dot "net"
>c[p_] := 0.07549146238926269*ArcSinh[0.00007718657554083618*p] p[c_] :=
>12955.620753908715*Sinh[13.246531042724007*c] betaOfP[p_] := 
>  171617.0324944112*Sqrt[1 + HoldForm[(0.00007718657554083618*p)]^2]
>betaOfC[c_]  :=  171617.0324944112*Cosh[13.246531042724007*c]
>(* Display functions in TraditionalForm *)
>TraditionalForm[HoldForm[p[c]] == p[c]] TraditionalForm[HoldForm[c[p]]
>== c[p]] TraditionalForm[HoldForm[\[Beta][p]] == betaOfP[p]]

In V3.0.1, I don't see the problem you are having. Eg, one of the
TraditionalForm cells looks like: \!\(\*FormBox[
      HoldForm], "==", 
        PrintPrecision->16], " ", 
      RowBox[{\(sinh\^\(-1\)\), "(", 
            PrintPrecision->16], " ", "p"}], ")"}]}]}],

Perhaps 3.0.0 did not set PrintPrecision?  If this is the case, this is
a general frontend option whose default value is 6.  You can set this
to a higher value at the global, notebook, cell, or selection level.

I hope this helps,

	Neil Soiffer

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