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Mathematica 3.0 and QuickTime

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  • Subject: [mg14578] Mathematica 3.0 and QuickTime
  • From: Wagner Truppel <wtruppel at>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 03:07:46 -0500
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Hello everyone,

I'm using Mathematica 3.0.0 on a PPC Mac running MacOS 8.1 and whenever
I  try to save an animation as a QuickTime movie, something strange 
consistently happens. Here's the sequence of events:

1. I select all graphic cells belonging to the animation 2. Choose Save
Selection As... QuickTime 3. The QuickTime compression options dialog
box appears and I make my  choices, then hit OK
4. The save-file dialog box appears, I type the file name, then hit the 
Save button

So far, this is how it should be. But...

5. The save-file dialog box appears *again*, right away 6. Okay, that's
odd, but I type the file name I want once again, then hit Save 7.
Mathematica returns to the FrontEnd very quickly, regardless of how 
large the animation is
8. A movie file is created, with a single frame in it, the first frame
of  the animation

What gives??

Needless to say, I have the proper QT software installed.

After trying so many times with no success, I decided to try a different
approach: use Display[]. So, I used Display[] to save each frame as a 
"PICT" file, then used a separate application to build the movie from
them.  However, each of the PICT files created comes out empty!

Again, this happens consistently. By the way, I do have the latest
version  of PSrender.

Finally, I settled for using Display[] to save each frame as a "GIF"
file,  then I use a separate application to convert them to "PICT",
then to a QT  movie.

Anyone has had a similar experience or know if this is a known bug or 
otherwise have any suggestions on how I can create the movies without
all  this hassle?

Thanks in advance.

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