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Re: Macintosh Print Anomaly

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  • Subject: [mg13939] Re: Macintosh Print Anomaly
  • From: bruck at (Ronald Bruck)
  • Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 02:52:36 -0400
  • Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
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In article <6ssupl$m7u at>,
James D Hanson <hanson.nospam at> wrote:
:I want to write something below my plot. Here is an example:
:    Graphics[Text["Figure 2",Scaled[{.5,0.0}],{0,6}]]},
:   {AspectRatio -> Automatic,
:    Frame -> True,
:    PlotRegion -> {{0.,1.},{.2,1.}}}]
:The "Figure 2" shows up just fine on the screen. However when I print
:it, the "Figure 2" does not appear. I am running on a Macintosh
:7300/200 running OS 8.0, and printing to a LaserWriter using
:LaserWriter 8.4.3.
:I tried the same thing on a friend's PC, and the "Figure 2" printed out
:just fine.
:The problem seems to be a clipping at the boundary of the plot. If I
:position the "Figure 2" just right (using Text["Figure
:2",Scaled[{.5,0.062}],{0,2}]) then only the top half of the letters
:gets printed.

Hmmm.  I can confirm this behavior with System 8.1, LaserWriter 8.5.1
driver, printing to an HP LaserJet 4m+.  And when I save it as EPS, and
import it into Illustrator, it's sans "Figure 2".

HOWEVER:  if you're trying to prepare a publication-quality graphic, why
not do it in LATEX?  The "Figure" and descriptive text are MUCH more
easily done in TeX then in Mathematica.

--Ron Bruck

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