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Problem with WMF Part 2

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  • Subject: [mg14128] Problem with WMF Part 2
  • From: Hans Staugaard Nielsen <hsn at>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 03:51:44 -0400
  • Organization: University of Aarhus, Department of Computer Science (DAIMI)
  • References: <6u7jk5$>
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I wrote:

> I am trying to export the following graph as a windows metafile (WMF)
>   p1=Plot[{Sin[x],Sin[x+Sin[x]]},{x,0,2Pi},
>           AspectRatio->Automatic,
>           Ticks->{{0,\[Pi]/2,\[Pi],3\[Pi]/2,2\[Pi]},Automatic},
>           TextStyle->{FontFamily->"Times",FontSize->10}
>          ]
> (i) when using Copy as Metafile from the menu, the curves are of very
> poor
> quality (not smooth). Why?
> (ii) when using
>   Display["c:\\tmp\\graph.wmf",p1,"Metafile",
>           ImageSize->{5*72,5*72*FullOptions[p1,AspectRatio]}
>          ]
> the curves look fine but the fonts change into a sans serif font (like
> Helvetica). Why?
> I hope someone knows the answers.
> Hans
> p.s.There could be typos i the code as i am writing from memory. p.p.s
> My system is a P90 Win95 comp. running v3.0.1.1 student version ,and my
> target programs are Word 97 and Scientific WorkPlace 3.0.

Regarding (ii)
I found out that using the build in picture editor in Word 97, I can see
which font the offending text is set in. It turns out to be the font
Utopia, which is far as I know is a sort of Postscript font, and not a
true type font as it is supposed to be. So i seems like I have run into
a font substitution problem, I have tried resetting to default,
re-installing mathematica, and I tried changing the settings for font
substitution in the object inspector, but with no result. Heelp!

I also discovered that changing the line



   TextStyle->{FontFamily->"Times New Roman",FontSize->10}

got me an error from psrender. I have a hunch that this is linked to the
font substitution problem.
Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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