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Re: Help Formatting Outputs?

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  • Subject: [mg17011] Re: [mg16966] Help Formatting Outputs?
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 02:13:40 -0400
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In a message dated 4/8/99 6:53:41 AM, gutierrez_fam at writes:

>I've been experimenting with formatting results to a desired number
>of significant figures.  For the most part, I've found PrintPrecision
>(in the "Option Inspector" window) quite useful.  However, I have a
>couple of related questions...
>1) How can I display Trailing Zeros?
>ex: (253/11.2)*(1/0.62137)*(1/3.8754) = 9.60374 (displaying 6
>figures using PrintPrecision).  If I change this value to 3, the output
>is 9.6 (when in fact I'd like to see 9.60).  I've even tried N[%, 3] but
>still get 9.6 as a result.
>2) Is there a way to display a result in scientific notation WITHOUT
>using ScientificForm[expr]?  Perhaps using a similar feature in the
>"Option Inspector" window? ex: (150/2.2046)*6 = 408.237 (again,
>displaying 6 significant figures using PrintPrecision).  I would like to
>get the same result as ScientificForm[%,1] or 4.x10^2 (in scientific
>notation with 1 significant figure).  But it would be nice if I could do
>it "in the background" so to speak (like changing the number of
>significant figures using PrintPrecision).


I get a different result than the one in your message



x = 9.60374


You can get the desired result with NumberForm

NumberForm[x, {3, 2}, NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}]


If you want this format applied to all of your results

$Post = NumberForm[#, {3,2}, 
		NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}]&




To reset $Post

$Post =.

Likewise for ScientificForm

x = (150/2.2046)*6


$Post = ScientificForm[#, 1]&



    (ScientificForm[ #, 1]&)], TraditionalForm]\)

$Post =.

Bob Hanlon

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