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Re: How to interrupt a running evaluation in MathLink

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  • Subject: [mg17006] Re: How to interrupt a running evaluation in MathLink
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 02:13:38 -0400
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Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Jens also mentioned this method. Actually, I had
sort of solved this problem by wrapping "TimeConstrained['expression',2] around
the expression I was passing. That way the kernel would abort itself after 2
seconds. Works like a charm. However, now I have another problem. I'm using the
kernel to evaluate random expressions I'm creating for a genetic algorithm.
Problem is that after about a thousand or so calculations, I crash the
MathDLL.dll. It's the same error each time. Here's the dump in case you've seen
it before, and know what might cause it:

MATH caused an invalid page fault in
module MATHDLL.DLL at 014f:1001e852.
EAX=1061b97c CS=014f EIP=1001e852 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=0263fddc SS=0157 ESP=0067f77c EBP=02648790
ECX=010b5ca0 DS=0157 ESI=00000018 FS=0c57
EDX=0000002d ES=0157 EDI=06644000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 0f 89 08 a1 5c a0 5e 10 2b c6 a3 5c a0 5e 10 
Stack dump:
00000001 02648790 1001e8c4 00000014 10020acb 00000014 02648790 10002fdf
00000014 00000001 02648790 10020836 00000001 0264a628 0067f834 0263fddc

Visual C++ is calling it an Access Violation.

I apologize for putting that in there 'cause I know those are usually 
meaningless. However, it returns this same error everytime it crashes to
include the line of code it crashes on (1001E852). Looking at the machine code,
it looks like a regular pointer swap is going on. Anyway, I was hoping someone
had a similar experience, and noticed a similar exception and figured  it out.
Jens suggested that it might be a problem with Unicode. However, I switched
from using MLPutString() to MLPutByteString(), and even sent a message to
change the $Character Encoding to ASCII when I started the kernel. Still throws
the same error. So I'm thinking bug now since my code works perfectly until
suddenly it trips this. My professor has a beta version of Mathematica 4 on his
machine, so I'm going to try running my proggy on his system to see if that is
the problem.

>Hi,	Interrupts over mathlink are poorly documented. There are discussions
>going on about this in other threads. There is a mathlink function you can
>call: MLPutMessage(link,integer) as far as I know, this is undocumented.
>Symbolic constants for the second argument are defined in mathlink.h and
>their names are MLInterruptMessage, MLAbortMessage etc... One of the problems
>I have with this is that the kernel does not answer in the same manner when
>waiting for input or evaluating. I do not know how to avoid a race conditions
>that may occure. Also depending on how you start the kernel the MLPutMessage
>works or fails-see another of my posts to the newsgroup (it's recent, so it
>should still be there).
>Hope this helps Tobias

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