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Re: interface between Mathematica and MS Word 7

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  • Subject: [mg17099] Re: interface between Mathematica and MS Word 7
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 03:35:01 -0400
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In article <7f1aod$kdg at>, hall at says...
> The problem involves the interface between Mathematica and MS Word 7.
> (a) When copying graphics into Word, the transfer with Copy and Paste
> produces a very small graphic which must be dragged by its handles to a
> larger size. Sometimes this is very difficult because of the size of the
> graphic. Is there a way to produce a larger graphic?
> (b) While the Thickness option will produce wider lines and curves, copying
> graphics with widened lines and curves does not copy to MS Word. It is as
> if Thickness was never used. Any way around this?
> Thanks for your help.

Regarding the size of the graphics try in Mathematica


as an option in Your Plot command. I have good results

using {600, 450}, for example.

The thickness command and some other features get lost 

during copy/past depending on the format You use and the

version of Mathematica and Word.

With Mathematica 3.0.1 the Frontend Copy As.../Metafile

in my experience produces good results (NT 4.0, Word 98).

However, with some sophisticated graphics there might be

problems, too (the command sets of ps and wmf don't map


Then You better choose the Bitmap-Format.

While the bmp format itself has some disadvantages the graphics

quality usually (as far as I have experienced) is ok.

Maybe You have to adjust Your default for ImageResolution->300 --

honestly speeking I am not sure whether it affects the

Frontend Copy As.../Bitmap action. I just remember I

made some experiments and my default is set to 600 since then.

Maybe it's just placebo, better check yourself.

If You need really high quality graphics (say, just the

way it shows up in Mathematica <g>) but You need it in MS Word --

I am afraid You have to walk some "dirty" roads digging in

postscript *under* Windows and its conversion to something

usable in MS Word (using some professional graphics programs

for intermediate manipulation).

If it is just that ...Metafile ignores some of Your formatting

You might improve Your results checking whether some updates

or patches are available for Your version of Mathematica.

Hope this gives You a start!



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