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Re: reading and plotting datas (x,y,z) three-dimensional ???

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  • Subject: [mg21295] Re: reading and plotting datas (x,y,z) three-dimensional ???
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 00:34:48 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Universitaet Leipzig
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 you don't supply a valid data file or what 0-10.00 mean ? Has your
broken the line at  0-5 ? Is 6.012905.00 an entry in you data file ? If
than no program in the world can parse this garbage.

I assume you have a file of numbers separated by commas and you use a
decimal dot.


data = Partition[
    ReadList["test.dat", Number, RecordSeparators -> {",", "\n"}], 3]

will read your file and



will draw it.

Hope that helps

> I have a problem in reading and plotting datas
> discribed by {x,y,z}. e.g. there ist a list of datas x, y, z on a disk a:\
> ....-30.00,30.00,0-25.00,30.00,0-20.00,30.00,0-15.00,30.00,0-10.00,30.00,0-5.
> 00,30.00,00.00,30.00,6.012905.00,30.00,010.00,30.00,015.00,30.00,020.00,30.0
> 0,025.00,30.00,030.00,30.00,0-30.00,25.00,0-25.00,25.00,0-20.00,25.00,0-15.0
> 0,25.05, ...
> now I`d like to read these datas in a list, called e.g.
> Liste={{x,y,z),{x,y,z},...}; finally I`d like to draw a 3DPlot.
> My problem is: I read these datas like this;
> In[1]:= Asti="A:\\Zdaten.txt"
> OpenRead[Asti] In[2]:=Do[xyz=ToExpression[Read[Asti,Word]];
> Daten=Print[xyz],{n,0,168}]
> Out[2]:={-30.,30.,0}            {-25.,30.,0}            and so on ...
> This no list or table I can work with - can you possibly tell me how I can
> get a
> list or a table that looks like ...
> Liste ={{-30,30,0},{-25,30,0},{x,y,z},...} Is there any command that makes a
> 3DPlot with this kind of data {x,y,z} - or is there an other way to plot
> it 3-dimensional? - I have problems in using the command "ListPlot3D".
> My "dream" is to get a 3-dimensional SurfacePlot that shows me the surface -
> not only the points.
> Hope you can help me,
> Martin

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