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Re: listplot and notebook directory

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  • Subject: [mg15455] Re: [mg15345] listplot and notebook directory
  • From: Maarten.vanderBurgt at
  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 04:21:56 -0500
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Thank you all very much for your help,

For the ListPlot problem: using MultipleListPlot seems the most simple
solution to me.

My notebook directory problem is solved in a most elegant way using:

NotebookDirectory[ InputNotebook[] ] does not seem to work on my system
(Mathematica 3.0.1, Windows NT4), also not for a notebook on my local

thanks again for your help


Maarten van der Burgt
Icos Vision Systems

BobHanlon at on 10-01-99 09:57:42 PM


Subject: [mg15455]  Re: [mg15345] listplot and notebook directory

In a message dated 1/10/99 1:42:56 AM, Maarten.vanderBurgt at

>When I execute the following command the result is a listplot where the
>data points ares fairly big filled black circles.
>     In[1]:=   ListPlot[{0,2,4,9,16,25},PlotStyle->PointSize[0.05]]
>The following gives a plot where the data points are joined by a line.
>     In[2]:=   ListPlot[{0,2,4,9,16,25},PlotJoined -> True]
>With the following I would expect the combination of the two. It does
>however give the same results as In[2]: the
>"PlotStyle->PointSize[0.05]" options doesn't seem to have any effect
>here. Is this intended behaviour or is this a bug?
>     In[3]:=   ListPlot[{0,2,4,9,16,25},PlotJoined -> True,
>Is there a way you can have both options "PlotJoined -> True" and


Just overlay the two plots.

plt1 = ListPlot[{0,2,4,9,16,25},
          DisplayFunction -> Identity];

plt2 = ListPlot[{0,2,4,9,16,25},
          PlotJoined -> True,
          DisplayFunction -> Identity];

Show[{plt1, plt2}, DisplayFunction-> $DisplayFunction];

For Path names use the command

          Input, Get File Path ...

and select file from browser.

Bob Hanlon

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