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Re: fractions as axes-labels?

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  • Subject: [mg20142] Re: fractions as axes-labels?
  • From: Robert <robert at>
  • Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 03:05:03 -0400
  • Organization: Vienna University of Technology, Austria
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"P.J. Hinton" wrote:

> In article <7se534$qqs at>, Robert <robert at> writes:
> >I can't get any fractions as labels on axes, e.g.
> >
> >Plot[Sin[t],{t,0,2 Pi},
> >AxesLabel->{None,HoldForm[TraditionalForm[t/T]]}]
> >
> >doesn't work. with "why the beep" I get the answer:
> >
> >" the stretchable character xxx in the xxx font has a repeating piece
> >that is zero size ",
> >
> >but if I change the font, it still doesn't work. right now I have a
> >mathematica-book on my desk, where much more complicated examples are
> >shown, so in principle it should work. has anybody an idea what I do
> >wrong?
> I suspect that the piece of this puzzle that is making the front
> end wig out is the fraction bar, though I cannot be absolutely
> certain why.
> I was not able to reproduce the error message you describe on
> a Mathematica 4.0.1 front end running under X Window/Linux.
> Changing the font used with TextStyle or something similar
> won't help because the fraction bar is drawn from the
> Math fonts that come with Mathematica and are used regardless
> of choice of text font.
> When you say "doesn't work," does that mean that the front end
> does not create a cell containing the graphic?  If so, what is
> returned by evaluating the expression above?

all letters are written on the same spot. but i think it some problem with my nt-
installation, because if i take a look at the font using the standard windows
tool, it
looks different than on other pc's, even when i inspect the same file!
(i also found ot that the line doesn't work on my pc, but it seems to work on all
other ..
strange ...)


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