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Re: Getting Symbolic Real and Imag Parts? (Once Again)

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  • Subject: [mg33508] Re: Getting Symbolic Real and Imag Parts? (Once Again)
  • From: aes <siegman at>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 01:44:03 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Stanford University
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Thanks to several people who emailed me to point out that the way to get 
symbolic real and imag parts of an expression is

   Real part =  ComplexExpand[Re[expr]]    

   Imag part =  ComplexExpand[Im[expr]]    

and also my apologies for belatedly realizing that I had raised this question 
once before, months ago; gotten the same answer; and forgotten it.  It's now 
stored in my online collection on Mathematica hints and kinks.

Might as well also repeat the same comment that I made last time, however, 
namely that writing the expression in this form seems syntactically bizarre, not 
so say nonsensical.  The expression

   ComplexExpand[Re[Sin[a + I b]]]    

would normally be interpreted as saying, in words, "Do a complex expansion of 
the real part of the sine of a + I B", presumably producing a complex result, 
including adding a "+ I 0" to make the result complex.

What's really wanted, however, and what's actually accomplished by this 
expression, is instead, "Take the real part of the complex expansion of the sine 
of a + I b", a result you would expect to be written as

   Re[ComplexExpand[Sin[a+I b]]]

It's sort of like having to write  Log[Sin[z]]  when what you want is  

> OK,  so you can use ComplexExpand expand to find the symbolic real and imag 
> parts of an expression -- e.g. the input
>       zComplex = ComplexExpand[ Sin[a+I b], TargetFunctions->{Re,Im}]
> gives as output
>       Cosh[b] Sin[a] + I Cos[a] Sinh[b]
> as desired.  But now, how do I get Mathematica to peel out the symbolically 
> real and 
> imaginary parts of this? -- that is, what inputs
>       zR = ???
>       zI = ???
> will give as outputs 
>       Cosh[b] Sin[a]
> and
>       Cos[a] Sinh[b]
> (Maybe an example in the ComplexExpand Help file would be helpful?)

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