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Re: serious NDSolve bug?

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  • Subject: [mg44218] Re: serious NDSolve bug?
  • From: Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 03:34:02 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Universitaet Leipzig
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Hi Paul,

you see that :
> >
> > f[kampas_?NumericQ]:=(u[\[Xi]] /. First[sprendinys1 =
> >  NDSolve[{Derivative[2][\[Psi]][\[Xi]] == (\[Xi]^2 - energija)*
> >             \[Psi][\[Xi]], Derivative[1][u][\[Xi]] == \[Psi][\[Xi]]^2,
> >  \[Psi][\[Xi]min] == 0,
> >            Derivative[1][\[Psi]][\[Xi]min] == kampas, u[\[Xi]min] == 0},
> >  {\[Psi][\[Xi]], u[\[Xi]]},
> >           {\[Xi], \[Xi]min, \[Xi]max}]] /. \[Xi] -> \[Xi]max)

and ask why ? In the most cases one can see the error from the
Mathematica input. But with the special characters you have to
copy/paste the input into a notebook. 

The special characters are fine if you have a text with formulas and
you can name the symbols in your Mathematica code similar to the

But in the news group we have no long text with long formulas ...
but we can save the time for copy and paste *and* I look onto
the 7-bit ASCII code *before* I decide to copy/paste the input
and *before* I decide if I can answer the question ...

> >
> > BTW: Can you avoid postings with Mathematica's special characters ?
> Why? I thought one of the major features of Mathematica is that we can
> (and should) use special characters, and that Notebooks are portable
> across all platforms because everything has an underlying ASCII
> representation. Of course, the above ASCII is hard to read but when you
> paste it into a Notebook it becomes perfectly readable.
> Of course, it would be much if we could simply post Notebooks to
> MathGroup ...

and if my news-reader would be able to display the notebooks ..


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