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Re: Crash with simple plot command

Curtis Osterhoudt wrote:
> Two questions: 
>    1) Are there keyboard shortcuts available for the command-line interface to 
> Mathematica? It would be tremendously nice to be able to copy input from the 
> line above (bash uses uparrow to go back through old commands; the front end 
> to Mathematica uses Ctrl-L) and things like that;
>    2) While trying to answer that question by using the Google, I found the 
> following (apparently the source website was updated today, so it wouldn't 
> surprise me terribly if the author were to post something about this on this 
> group): 
>   "The record for crashing Mathematica with the smallest graphics command is 
> probably this: Plot[1, {x, 0, 1}, Frame->True, FrameLabel->{}]
> In version 5.2, this only elicits an error message, whereas version 6 aborts 
> lethally."
>    This is obviously a bug!

Please do not use the "Reply" button of your e-mail clinet/newsreader 
when you intend to start a new conversation!  Even though you changed 
the subject, most programs group the message with the original thread. 
In Google Groups, the original subject isn't even visible in the message 


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