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Re: Neural networks with mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg83503] Re: Neural networks with mathematica
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  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 05:57:08 -0500 (EST)
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On 21 Nov, 10:07, Jean-Marc Gulliet <jeanmarc.gull... at>
> dinodebla... at wrote:
> > i would like to run one ART1 network, to this purpose i have found the
> > seguent code on some article:
> It may be interesting to state what article it is, from whom, and where
> it has been published (in a scholarly journal, an edited book,
> proceedings of a conference, general audience magazine, web site, etc.)
> so readers of this newsgroup may also read it and better understand what
> the problem is.
> > "these are some variables"
> > a1_ = 1
> > b1_ = 1.5
> > c1_ = 5
> > d1_ = 0.9
> > el_ = 3
> > del1_ = 0.2
> > del2_ = 0.1
> > "then i would run the code written below, but i have some problem and
> > it doesnt work, it never finish to calculate. You can find the
> > Mathematica package below at:
> <snip>
> This package as well as some others are available on MathSource at
> This page contains material that supplement James A. Freeman's book,
> "Simulating Neural Networks with Mathematica", Addison-Wesley, 1994.
> So, why not using the link to the official web site for the code?
> (By the way I could not help noticing that your web page contains a link
> to an illegal copy of a copyrighted book for another very well known
> numerical software used mainly by engineers).
> Thus, to get meaningful answers, it would be netter to use and post
> official sources for software and copyrighted material in addition to
> clearly state what your problem is (the directions you followed from the
> article or book, the expected or original author result(s), the
> result(s) you got from your trials, a comparison or analysis of the
> discrepancies, any error or warning messages, the version of Mathematica
> you are using, etc.).
> Regards,
> --
> Jean-Marc

Dear Jean-Marc, thanks for your quick help.
By the way i am not in complete agreement with you for some reason.
1)The text i found on internet that I called "article" is "Reti
neurali: ipotetiche forme di vita artificiale o realistici calcolatori
alternativi?", you can find on internet the manuscript. I did not say
exactly what it was because is in Italian and since I guess that not
everybody understands Italian here i did not mention it.
2)I found the package from internet before I found the book"
Simulating neural network with mathematica" that i have now.
3) I guess that this is a forum, free, for free development of the
culture. and I think that if i gave you a link to the code and there
was also one pdf. of one book this is not a big deal. You have never
downloaded one mp3 from internet for free?
4)Since i work in university my software and books are all genuine of
course, and the law in this country states that if you have a book you
can make a copy for yourself.(because for example you can write on it,
the same is with pdf files)
5)Since you found a copy (not illegal, i just made an error to place
it in the public folder, now is not public anymore) of a book on an
other software; you could not help me? what is that, I should use only
mathematica and not an other software?
6)if you are not able or you cant answer to questions for any reason,
why you argue on what i should or not should do, and just dont write
anything?This would avoid me to waste time.


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