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Re: Re: Re: PlotLabel - SubscriptBox - Vers.

Hi Carl,

your suggestion works fine with me. Thank you very much for your input.

So in summary:

The FontColor problem was solved by replacing the local copy of 
Default.nb (dated from some previous version of Mathematica) and 
replacing it with a version 6 Default.nb.

The FontSlant problem can be solved with SingleLetterItalics->False and 

Thanks to all who made suggestions to my problem.

Kind regards,

Carl Woll wrote:
> Kevin J. McCann wrote:
>> I tried this with 6.0.1 under WXP-SP2 and it works as you might expect, 
>> i.e. in color. The Italics are due to SingleLetterItalics->True in 
>> either the Core or Default nb. I could not figure out how to get around 
>> these myself. I tried all sorts of things to get rid of the Italics. So, 
>> I did the unthinkable - I edited Core to change all those to False. I 
>> also got rid of the annoying Courier fonts that show up in equations.
> Rather than editing a style sheet, I think it would be better to use 
> Style to turn off SingleLetterItalics locally. In TraditionalForm, x 
> formats in italics because of SingleLetterItalics->True. To get x to 
> format in plain, just use Style:
> x //TraditionalForm
> vs
> Style[x, SingleLetterItalics->False] //TraditionalForm
> If you change the Core style sheet, then all TraditionalForm expressions 
> will have a Plain FontSlant which is probably not what you want.
> Carl Woll
> Wolfram Research
>> Kevin
>> Thomas BOHL wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> switching over to Mathematica Version 6 ( on Linux x86 (SLC4) I 
>>> have a number of problems which I did not have with previous versions of 
>>> Mathematica. One is the following:
>>> ListPlot[Table[Random[], {10}],
>>> AxesLabel -> {Style["Subscript[f, RF]", \
>>> FontSlant->Plain, FontColor->Red],Style[ \
>>> "y-axis", FontColor->Red]} ]
>>> ... does not produce an x axis label as expected. What I would expect is
>>> a label with a the FontSlant as indicated and of FontColor as indicated.
>>> However, the label is written with "f" in italic, the subscript in plain
>>> and both in a colour of light grey.
>>> The y axis label (no Subscript) is as expected.
>>> With the same code on Windows XP at least the FontColor is as specified,
>>> the FontSlant is also here not as specified (but I could live with that
>>> if I have to).
>>> In summary there are two problems for me with Subscript (on Linux):
>>> - the FontSlant specification is not working
>>> - the FontColor specification is not working
>>> Could somebody please give me hint how to get at least FontColor working
>>> on Linux?
>>> Thank you very much and kind regards,
>>> Thomas.
>>> P.S.
>>> 1)The result of a cell command (not as label)
>>> Style["Subscript[f, RF]",\
>>> FontSlant->"Plain",FontColor->Red]
>>> is of correct FontSlant but the FontColor is still incorrect and using
>>> the same Mathematica expression in a label changes the FontSlant of the
>>> letter "f" to italic and the FontColor is of course still wrong (light
>>> grey).
>>> 2)
>>> Also LabelStyle->Red does not change the colour of a subscripted expression.

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