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Control[], Manipulate, Why labels not showing?

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  • Subject: [mg99364] Control[], Manipulate, Why labels not showing?
  • From: "Nasser Abbasi" <nma at>
  • Date: Mon, 4 May 2009 05:58:40 -0400 (EDT)
  • Reply-to: "Nasser Abbasi" <nma at>

This is Mathematica 7.0 on Windows

Here is 2 pieces of code, I thought these are equivalent. But the second one 
shows the label on the control ok, while the first does not.

--- first-------------------------------

  Initialization :> {
    c1 = Control[{{p1, 0, "p1"}, 0, 10, 1}],
    c2 = Control[{{p2, 0, "p2"}, 0, 10, 1}]}

--- second-------------------------------
  Control[{{p1, 0, "p1"}, 0, 10, 1}],
  Control[{{p2, 0, "p2"}, 0, 10, 1}]

What I really want to do, is to define each control used by Manipulate to a 
separate variable.

Then this will make it easier to layout the controls on the Manipulate by 
just using the variable name (c1,c2,etc....) instead of typing the long 
expression of the control itself.  So I could type something as Grid[ 
{{c1},{c2}}] for example, which will make it more clear.

Is there a better way to do the above than what I have (which does not seem 
to really work). Where should I have define these variables if not in the 
manipulate Initialization part?


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