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Re: Frequency data

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  • Subject: [mg99713] Re: [mg99690] Frequency data
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr at>
  • Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 03:07:33 -0400 (EDT)
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6.0 for Mac OS X PowerPC (32-bit) (June 19, 2007)


n = 1000;

data = RandomReal[NormalDistribution[0, 1], {n}];

lb = Floor[5*Min[data]]/5.

ub = Ceiling[5*Max[data]]/5.

freq = BinCounts[data, {lb, ub, .2}]/n;



    Histogram[data, HistogramScale -> 1],
    Plot[PDF[NormalDistribution[0, 1], x], {x, lb, ub},
     PlotStyle -> {Red, AbsoluteThickness[2]}]}],
  Histogram[freq, FrequencyData -> True]},
 ImageSize -> 600]

Bob Hanlon

---- suhrob.sultanov at wrote: 

Hi everybody,

 I'm using Mathematica 6.0 and would like to get frequency of data
given intervals, i tried to do it with  BinCounts[data, h] , where h
is the distance of the intervals, but it doesn't work correctly, can
anybody help me how to get frquency data


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