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Re: Wolfram|Alpha Lookup Tool for Mathematica

Give it time....

On May 18, 2:29 am, Murray Eisenberg <mur... at> wrote:
> Later this morning (Saturday) and at various times in the afternoon, the
> response was quite reasonable.  From time to time I'd still encounter a
> "I'm sorry Dave" message, but typically if I waited a few seconds and
> re-submitted the query, the normal response followed.
> What I did not know until I watched the pre-launch video at
> was that this weekend is NOT supposed to be a normal up-time, but rather
> a public test run.
> Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> > Alas, the tool may be of limited value right now, because Wolfram|Alpha
> > is overloaded to the point of barely working.  That's on a Saturday
> > morning about 10:20 a.m. EDT.
> > Even when I browsed directly to, it took several
> > minutes for the home page to load.  Then, when I typed in a query (my
> > birthdate), I got back a message:
> >    "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that...
> >     Wolfram|Alpha has temporarily exceeded its
> >     current maximum test load.
> >     See the live video feed of the Control Center>>"
> > Several minutes later, I tried again. I got a report back almost
> > immediately giving the Input interpretation and showing a date format,
> > but below that just 6 progress bars that kept running for several
> > minutes until I gave up.
> > Next, I typed in one of the suggested math formulas: x^2 sin(x). I got
> > back information about that -- graphs, an alternate form using complex
> > exponentials, roots, series expansion, ..., almost immediately!  (But
> > perhaps that one was already cached on the site?)
> > David Reiss wrote:
> >> With the release of Wolfram|Alpha I have created a small tool that
> >> allows you to send a query to Wolfram|Alpha directly from Mathematica.
> >> The tool is a simple dialog with an input field where you can type a
> >> query to be sent to Wolfram|Alpha.
> >> After entering your query in the input field simply click on the
> >> "Wolfram|Alpha Lookup" button and the query will be sent to Wolfram|
> >> Alpha via your default web browser.
> >> You can download the tool from here:
> >>
> >> or here:
> >>

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