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printing problem with very simple application

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  • Subject: [mg100265] printing problem with very simple application
  • From: congruentialuminaire at
  • Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 21:00:53 -0400 (EDT)

Hello MathGroup:

I have this exceeding simple Mathematica program:

dumpEthn[ctry_String] := Module[
  {leg , dat, cData},
  cData = CountryData[ctry, "EthnicGroupsFractions"];
  If[Head@cData == ToExpression["CountryData"]
    , Return["Invalid Country(" <> ctry <> ")"]];
  If[MatchQ[cData[[1, 2]], _Missing]
    , Return["Missing fraction data for " <> ctry]];
  leg = #[[1]] & /@ cData;
  dat = #[[2]] & /@ cData;
   , ChartLegends -> leg
   , PlotLabel -> "Ethnic groups in " <> ctry

I invoke it thusly:

dumpEthn[#] & /@ CountryData["Asia"]

It produces a bunch of PieCharts.

When I print it is gives 50 *blank* pages. When I Save-As-PDF, I get
50 *blank* pages.

A single pie chart seems to print, i.e. dumpEthn["Iran"].

I reported this to WRI support.

Can anyone suggest any other work-around on this? In the excitement
about W|A, I wanted to show this to someone.

TIA and I am running 7.0.1/XPSP3.


Roger Williams
Franklin Laboratory

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