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Re: "OpenCLLink block size is invalid"

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  • Subject: [mg114386] Re: "OpenCLLink block size is invalid"
  • From: Rob325 <roberto.carluccio at>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 05:43:40 -0500 (EST)
  • References: <icg6op$96f$> <iciulc$lf7$>

On 24 Nov, 12:58, adakkak <adak... at> wrote:
> On Nov 23, 4:58 am, Rob325 <roberto.carluc... at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm just trying to see OpenCL and cuda examples on a macBook pro (snow
> > leopard) under Mathematica 8. I downloaded and installed CUDA driver
> > for 330M GPU and the cuda examples are now working.
> > Some other OpenCL examples work too (e.g. N particles under central
> > force example).
> > I get instead a systematic:
> > "OpenCLFunction::invblksz: OpenCLLink block size is invalid" error
> > when I try the OpenCLFractalRender3D[] related examples. (the "Do on-
> > the-Fly Code Generation" example, but even the OpenCLFractalRender3D[]
> > command alone)
> > I couldn't fin any info on this in wolfram website.
> > Should I set some suitable parameters in order to have the
> > OpenCLFractalRender3D working on this machine?
> > Thanks
> > Roberto
> This is a known bug for this example. The example may not work on low
> end video cards since it does quite a bit of computation, so keep that
> in mind.
> If you believe that your video card is powerful enough to handle the
> example, then my suggestion is to try the example in CUDALink

thank for your reply.

I checked the  examples and they do work,
even the mandelbulb is rendered in a fraction of a second.
Never have errors when the examples use "CUDALink`":
the problems arise when I try examples that need  OpenCVLink
(not all of them though),

For instance:

tangle = (x^2 - 5)*x^2 + (y^2 - 5)*y^2 + (z^2 - 5)*z^2 + w;

OpenCLImplicitRender3D[tangle, {x, y, z, w}, 7.5, "Precision" -> 0.01,
  "SliderParameters" -> {0.0, 20.0, 11.8}, "Shadows" -> False]

sometimes results in a graphic manipulator with the surface rendered,
but as soon as i try to move any parameter, the kernel exits with a
and no error indications.



results in

OpenCLFunction::invblksz: OpenCLLink block size is invalid. >>

and a manipulator output complete with controls and "$Failed" as image

Thanks for any hint


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