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Re: LabelPlot: Changing size of CurveLabel

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  • Subject: [mg120672] Re: LabelPlot: Changing size of CurveLabel
  • From: Yves Klett <yves.klett at>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 07:06:51 -0400 (EDT)
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seems slightly dated. The style options are hardcoded in the Module. A
quick´n dirty modification could be (pulling all the formatting into the
function call and replacing StyleForm with Style):

LabelPlot[func_List, {var_, varmin_, varmax_}, opts___?OptionQ] :=
  Module[{crvlbl, pltopts, funclis, txt, tt, aa, f},
   crvlbl = CurveLabel /. {opts} /. CurveLabel -> None;
   pltopts = Select[{opts}, #[[1]] =!= CurveLabel &];
   funclis =
    Table[f[i][tt_] =
      If[Head[func[[i]]] === Symbol && func[[i]] =!= var,
       func[[i]][tt], func[[i]] /. var -> tt], {i, Length[func]}];
   txt = Table[
     If[Head[crvlbl[[i]]] === List,
      Text[crvlbl[[i, 1]], {aa[i] = crvlbl[[i, 2]] (varmax - varmin),
        f[i][aa[i]]}, {0, -1}],
      Text[crvlbl[[i]], {aa[i] = (varmax - varmin)/2,
        f[i][aa[i]]}, {0, -1}]], {i, Length[crvlbl]}];
   Plot[Evaluate[Table[f[i][rr], {i, Length[func]}]], {rr, varmin,
     varmax}, Epilog -> txt, Evaluate[pltopts]]];

myplt3 = LabelPlot[{Sin[x], Cos[2 x]/3}, {x, 0, 2 \[Pi]},
  PlotStyle -> {Hue[.95], Hue[.7]},
  CurveLabel -> {{Style[ToString[adf], FontFamily -> "Arial",
      Background -> LightBlue, 25], 3/4}, f2[t]}]

You might want to set up a some default options for the Style calls. The
old module also calls ToString by default, which could affect advanced
expressions (fancy typesetting, grids etc.) somewhat bad.


Am 02.08.2011 13:17, schrieb paulvonhippel at yahoo:
> Have you used the user-defined LabelPlot function? It's pretty cool:
> But how do I change the size of the font used to display the labels in
> the CurveLabel option?

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