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Re: A two part notation question

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  • Subject: [mg120994] Re: A two part notation question
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2011 05:30:53 -0400 (EDT)
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Sometimes with these things it's easiest to resort to the low level MakeBoxes and MakeExpression. E.g.

f /: MakeBoxes[f[x_], form_] := With[{boxes = ToBoxes[x]}, 
  InterpretationBox[OverscriptBox[boxes, "_"], f[x]]]

OverscriptBox /: MakeExpression[OverscriptBox[x_, "_"], form_] := 
  MakeExpression[RowBox[{"f", "[", x, "]"}], form]

These definitions are stored in FormatValues[f] and FormatValues[OverscriptBox].
Although they don't need to be defined with TagSet (/:).  Also, the InterpretationBox is probably overkill since we have the MakeExpression definition.

You can check that things are working with 

In[7]:= f[x] // ToBoxes
Out[7]= InterpretationBox[OverscriptBox["x", "_"], f[x]]

In[8]:= Overscript[a+b, _]//FullForm
Out[8]//FullForm= f[Plus[a,b]]

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