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Re: V9 !!!

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>From my side, I like the predictive interface, at least this point. Why? Among other things, it pops up with Functions that I never knew about. Even if those functions aren't to the point of my current work, they make for fun to explore. That makes for some nice active learning with Mathematica. Moreover, I actually can forget functions if I don't use them, and the constant reminders are good for remembering functions. Folks have often bemoaned that Mathematica is now so large that know one individual can know all its facets. The predictive interface takes a big step in the right direction, though, I think, especially with respect to learning about knew parts of Mathematica and parts that you did not know even existed. "The unknowns unknowns." I learned about what is a RenkoChart[...] just the other day thanks to this feature.


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Subject: [mg128886] Re: V9 !!! 
One thing that is nice is that if you have a six core machine you now get
six parallel kernels! 
I don't know if I like the Predictive Interface very well. As many people
know, I like to view the notebook interface as a plain piece of paper that I 
write on. With the New CellInsertionPointCell, and now the Predictive 
Interface it is gradually morphing into something that looks more like a 
palette. How many more doo-dads are they going to add? And the little 
buttons tend to interfere with other material on the page. Many will like
these features, but if you don't like them you can disable them. The 
CellInsertionPointCell feature can be disable by an option for the notebook
(in the Style Sheet say) CellInsertionPointCell->None. (You can get 
WolframAlpha just by typing = as the first character in a new cell.) And the 
Predictive Interface can be disabled by the "Show Suggestions Bar after last 
output" checkbox on the Preferences, Interface. 
The new Input Assistant (ShowCodeAssist in the Options) is a problem for 
package developers. Previously one could use Ctrl+K to complete an entry 
and, if the function format was used as the initial portion of the usage 
message, Ctrl+Shift+K would complete the entry with a labeled template. But
that no longer works in package design.  On the Workbench Raw Function page
there is a "Syntax Templates" entry and I assume this is the new way of 
entering this information. However, WRI has given ZERO information on how to 
enter this information and the few guesses I have tried don't work - and 
take too long to check. I think I did once ask them about it and got no 
answer. This is pretty bad treatment of developers since this is a major 
interface feature. 
They say they have new ColorData schemes, but I don't see them. 
If you want the ColorSchemes palette to remember its position and state, you 
will have to go into the Wolfram folders and give the user control of the
file - at least on Windows. 
The new Vector Analysis functionality is fairly nice, extending to higher
 That's all I've had time to look at so far. 
David Park 
djmpark at 
From: alexxx [mailto:alexxx.magni at] 
Version 9.0.0 is here... 
anybody installed it yet? Reactions, critical bugs... ??? 

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