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Re: Modifying Default Stylesheet

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  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 04:56:32 -0500 (EST)
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I have issues with the modifications of the default Style sheet as
well.  The substantive changes have broken a large number of things
for me.  There is the option, for legacy documents, to retain the
previous version's styles.  But if you do any editing of the
document's private style sheet then the overall styles revert to the
new styles...

So, my opinion is that this is a significant design mistake:  styles
that have been used since version 3 (e.g., black typefaces for
Sections & c, Times font for Textual cells, and so on) are now changed
significantly.  The right way, in my opinion, to have handled this
would have been to create an alternative DefaultNew stylesheet and
give the user the option of choosing it to use as he or she wishes.
But the general styling changes for the Default.nb stylesheet should
have been only tweaked, not broadly changed.

But to get to one aspect of your question:  if you make an edit to the
default stylesheet then, whenever you upgrade your copy of
Mathematica, those changes will be lost since the stylesheet will be
replaced at the upgrade.

On Dec 5, 3:11 am, George Woodrow III <george... at> wrote:
> Hi --
> I have issues with the use of Arial in the default stylesheet in version 9. I would like to replace all instances of Arial in the stylesheet with something else (such as Times).
> I found the location of the default stylesheet (in the package contents -- I'm using OS X).
> I can open the stylesheet file in BBEdit and do a simple search/replace of the FontFamily. If I then save this file, all references will be replaced.
> My question is, will I mess anything up by doing this?
> I have read previous threads about modifying a stylesheet and then using the Options inspector to set this as the default. The problem with this is that the edited stylesheets are 'delta' documents, and record only changes.  I can never be sure that I have overwritten all instances of Arial (for example) in all the various options.
> I can do a test (making a copy of the original default) on my 'home use' computer, but even if it seems to work initially, I would like to know if there are any hidden issues.
> Thanks.
> george woodrow

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