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Re: Quit and Restart kernel quickly?

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  • Subject: [mg127307] Re: Quit and Restart kernel quickly?
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 04:28:07 -0400 (EDT)
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The "catch" to using CleanSlate is, of course, that you have to remember 
to load it _before_ doing any evaluations that define things you later 
want to erase. My own experience is that, on those occasions when it 
turns out I need it, I neglected to load it early enough.

So if this is a situation the O.P. expects to encounter frequently, it 
would be a good idea to load CleanSlate in an init.m.

On 7/14/12 1:32 AM, Bill Rowe wrote:
> On 7/13/12 at 2:54 AM, mstankus at wrote:
>> Is there a way to quit and restart the kernel quickly? I would like
>> to do this without having to use the menu twice.
> Evaluating Quit[] will stop the kernel. Restarting the kernel
> can be done by evaluating pretty much anything else.
> Note, if your purpose in quitting the kernel is to reset your
> session to its initial state, take a look at the package
> Utilitcries`CleanSlate`. After this package is loaded you can
> evaluate CleanSlate[] to reset your session to the state that
> existed at the time the CleanSlate package was loaded.
> Using CleanSlate to reset your session can be faster than
> quitting and restarting the kernel particularly if you have
> added several things in the init.m file the kernel executes as
> it starts. Additionally, CleanSlate offers finer control on
> resetting things. For example you could do
> several computations
> <<Utilities`CleanSlate`
> more computations
> CleanSlate[]
> This would reset your session state so that variables assigned
> values, functions etc created during the "several computations"
> are left intact while those created during "more computations"
> are removed. In contrast, quitting the kernel would remove everything.

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