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Partly solved the problem of obtaining part of a package

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  • Subject: [mg126505] Partly solved the problem of obtaining part of a package
  • From: nanobio9 <kuokan.liang at>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 04:55:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi, all,

I posted a question concerning whether we can simply pick up some of
the symbols defined in a package. Unfortunately, the moderation
approach is rather slow that my original question did not appear yet.

Below, I show you some codes that do two things. First, by passing to
it a list of symbol names that I wants to extract from the
"PhysicalConstants" package, it will pick up those constants for me,
and, second, it will take off the units of those constants and returns
their values in SI unit. All of the symbols newly defined while
importing the PhysicalConstants package should have been blocked and
then removed by the $NewSymbol call-back function. Notice that if any
of the symbol is defined before calling this routine, its definition
will be changed by this function call and will not be removed because
redefining it will not invoke the $NewSymbol call-back function.

I still have to think about whether there are better ways of doing
this: perhaps one can even bypass the calling procedure? So your
inputs are still highly desirable.

getConstants[symbs_] :=

 Quiet@Module[{ret = {}, getlist, reslist = {}, val, nvar,
    toremove = {}},
   getlist = {symbs} // Flatten;
   newsymbol = $NewSymbol;
   $NewSymbol = {nvar = #1; val = ToExpression[#2 <> #1];
      If[MemberQ[getlist, nvar], AppendTo[reslist, nvar];
       AppendTo[ret, Evaluate[val][[1]]]]; AppendTo[toremove, nvar]}
   ret = Evaluate[ret];
   ret = ret[[(Position[reslist, #] & /@ getlist) // Flatten]];
   $NewSymbol = newsymbol;
   Remove /@ toremove;
{c, hbar} = getConstants[{"SpeedOfLight", "PlanckConstantReduced"}];
Print["c = ", c]; Print["hbar = ", hbar];

c = 299792458

hbar = 1.05457*10^-34

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