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Help with dynamic functionality

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 03:17:34 -0500 (EST)
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My actual problem is quite involved but I am including a simple example for
 illustrative purposes. I am trying to reproduce "Enabled"-like functionality as follows:

Clear[y, SliderModule];
SetAttributes[SliderModule, HoldAll];
SliderModule[enabled_] :=
 DynamicModule[{x = 0}, {Slider[
    Dynamic[x, (x = If[enabled, #, 0]) &]], Dynamic[x]}]
{Checkbox[Dynamic[y]], Dynamic[y], SliderModule[y]}

Ideally when the checkbox is checked then the user is able to move the slider; but when it is unchecked the slider resets to zero. The problem is when I uncheck the checkbox the slider doesn't reset to zero until I click on the slider itself. Is there a way to get the slider to immediately reset when I uncheck the checkbox? Please remember that this is a simplification of my actual problem so try to keep the SliderModule structure the same.


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