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Re: A new FrontEnd

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  • From: Christoph Lhotka <christoph.lhotka at>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 04:14:55 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear community,

  for me the actual Mathematica FrontEnd is one of the most 
sophisticated user interfaces I have ever seen.

  "It is one of the reasons that I use this software and not others."

An example how to build a funny ribbon-like interface in the FrontEnd:

myButton1 :=
  Button["Click me!", $RandomRibbon = $RandomRibbon /.
     i_Integer :> RandomRibbon]
myButton2 := Button["Reset me!", $RandomRibbon = RandomRibbon]
myButton3 :=
  Button["Double me!", $RandomRibbon =
    RandomChoice[{TabView, Row}][{$RandomRibbon, $RandomRibbon}]]
myButton :=
  Column[RandomChoice[{myButton1, myButton2, myButton3},
    RandomInteger[{1, 3}]]]
RandomRibbon :=
  TabView[RandomInteger[{1, 3}, RandomInteger[{1, 3}]],
   ImageSize -> Automatic]
$RandomRibbon = RandomRibbon;
Dynamic[$RandomRibbon /. i_Integer :> myButton]

Of course it has no real built in is just for fun.


On 09/03/2012 08:55 AM, Mikhail Cherkasskii wrote:
> Hello, group.
> I had seen posts about FrontEnd interface. I agree with authors who say: FrontEnd in Mathematica 8 is archaic interface. And again I would like to say about this problem. Today we can see a lot of useful programs that have deal with text, graphics, numerical data and so on. For example look at another CAS system. There are a useful tools for graphics edit, for variables edit. MS Word is simple and powerful text editor with ribbon interface. OriginPro is power tool for graphics. Any modern internet browser has a tab interface. Why not?
> But Mathematica forces me use palettes. Yes, they can be useful, but in very limited cases. Summing up I would like to say: today we have a lot of examples and ideas, that can be use for create a new, real new FrontEnd interface.

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