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Bug report / Re: Mathematica/MS Word/Postscript problem

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  • Subject: Bug report / Re: Mathematica/MS Word/Postscript problem
  • From: "Tero Siili, Ilmatieteen laitos (Finnish Meteorological Institute)" <Tero.Siili at>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Nov 92 10:22:11 +0200

I had the following problem:

>I have tried to paste Mathematica plots to MS Word 5.0.  I copy the
>cell, convert it to PICT+EPS and subsequently paste to MS Word
>document.  Our LW II NTX refuses to print pages containing pictures
>pasted in such a way after a Postscipt error.

Tests revealed the error to be the following:

OffendingCommand: defcurrentpoint

Def and currentpoint are - according to our Postscript specialist -
reasonable PS code, but defcurrentpoint is not.  Browsing through the
postscript'ed version of the MS Word page containing the Mma picture
revealed the command above in the file, at the end of a PS definition
called /Mimage.  The apparent reason was, that the PS code after the
/Mimage definition had been appended directly at the end of /Mimage
with no Carriage return in between.  The Mimage ends with def and the
followinf PS code begins with currentpoint thus creating defcurrentpoint.

This definition can be found in the Mma/Mac resource fork, resource
TEXT, ID 287 "PS Header".  The definition does not have CR at the end
and we were able to fix it by adding a CR and blank space to the end. 
Hope this "fix" does not have adverse effects...

Tero Siili
Tutkija                          Scientist
Ilmatieteen laitos               Finnish Meteorological Institute
Geofysiikan osasto               Department of Geophysics
PL 503                           P.O. Box 503
00101 Helsinki                   SF-00101 Helsinki

Puh.       (90) 192 9533         Tel.:    +358-0-192-9533
Telekopio: (90) 192 9539         Telefax: +358-0-192-9539
FUNET:     pouta::Tero.Siili
SPAN:      22104::pouta::Tero.Siili
Internet:  Tero.Siili at
X.400:     /C=fi/ADMD=mailnet/PR=IL/GIV=Tero/SUR=Siili/

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